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Why Beach Holidays Are The Best?

Swimming is good for your heart, seawater is good for your skin and coastal breezes are good for your soul – no wonder the beach is the best place for a healthy and relaxing holiday!

Next time you need a holiday, head for the coast. There is increasing evidence to suggest that if you want a healthy and revitalising break, you should choose a holiday beside the seaside.

Riding the waves

No matter if you are splashing around in the tidal pools or taking on the big waves, a dip in the sea is great exercise, and a lot of fun!

Beauty and the beach

According to research the sea helps to firm and tone your skin.  And what better way to get a pedicure than walking barefoot along the beach? How awesome is it that you can get a free beauty treatment just from being at the beach!

Catch of the day

Seafood dishes are good for your waistline, as well as your heart. So what better way to indulge in local cuisine?

You are my sunshine…my only sunshine

Provided you wear a high-protection factor sunscreen, sun hat and avoid the lunchtime heat, a little exposure to the sun can improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. As we all know the ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of vitamin D in a natural way!

“Soaking” up the sun also increases our production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps us to feel alert, active and positive.

Breathe in that fresh ocean breeze

A stroll along the beach, where the waves break, can be enormously revitalising. The increased levels of oxygen leave your skin, muscles, brain and heart feeling rejuvenated.

Soak up the sound of waves breaking

Just listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore has a calming effect!

A sea change

A holiday by the sea is a time to reassess your life. Putting some distance – literally – between yourself and your home life means you can get some perspective on it, ‘hear’ yourself think and be a little bit spontaneous, for a change.

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